AOC-SMG3-2H8M2-B - Supermicro

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Supermicro M.2 SATA/NVMe Hybrid €˜Butterfly€™ Carrier Card for BigTwin™

Perfectly streamlined for the BigTwin, the Supermicro €˜Butterfly Style€™ SATA/NMVe M.2 Carrier Card AOC-SMG3-2H8M2-B features 2 M-key connectors for x2 NVMe or SATA M.2 SSDs. It auto-detects SATA or NVMe protocols. Both NVMe M.2 SSDs are linked to 4 lanes of PCI-E 3.0 bandwidth. User-visible LEDs are present to monitor the activities and status of each SSD. It delivers a cost effective and reliable storage solution with SATA and NVMe drives.




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RoHS Compliant 6/6, Pb Free